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History of Hercules Engine Company

Hercules Engine Company was founded in 1915, it was formed to fill the need for a strong industrial type heavy duty engine required for the rapidly expanding trucking industry.

During its 85 year history Hercules became well known for producing high quality, dependable, heavy duty gasoline and diesel engines. Hercules reached its maximum production output from 1941-1945 when the plant manufactured engines for the military virtually 24 hours per day. It supplied nearly 1,000,000 engines to the U.S. military and allied armed forces. These engines were used in jeeps, 2.5 and 5 ton trucks, generator sets and PT boats.

Following the war years Hercules began transitioning to commercial products. It had a substantial presence in the generator, lift truck and off-highway industrial markets. Unfortunately its major customer remained the U.S. Military.

The company experienced many ownerships during its long history. Some of the major owners included the Hupp Corporation and the White Motor Corporation (who changed the name to White Engines). In the late 1980's the U.S. Military made a decision to begin using off-the-shelf type standard engines instead of the customized Hercules Engine. In addition the military replaced the famous M141 jeep with the modern Humvee vehicle that also used a standard commercial engine.

Within a few years after losing this major segment of its business the company began experiencing severe financial problems. Several more ownership changes occurred in the mid 1990's and the company fought gallantly to survive, but finally ceased operations on April 16, 1999.

Hercules Engine Components

Hercules Engine Components LLC was established with the purpose of acquiring specific assets of the defunct Hercules Engine Company in order to support the Hercules customer base with genuine Hercules replacement parts and services.The company was founded by Jack Dienes, Bruce Weick (former executives of Hercules Engine Company) and FinCom Corporation ( a group of local investors).

In August, 1999 the newly formed company purchased over eight million dollars of inventory of Hercules parts, the trademarks, trade names, intellectual property (blueprints, cad system etc.) and all unencumbered vendor and in-house Tooling.

Hercules Engine Components is operating in a new facility in Massillon, Ohio and has over 30,000 square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space. New state-of-the-art business systems were implemented to assist in controlling over 20,000 active part numbers.The employee base consists of experienced former Hercules employees.

With a worldwide base of over 50 distributors and 20 major OEM’s, the new company is positioned to support the entire Hercules product line for many years to come.

New Developments
In mid 2003 Hercules expanded its Massillon, Ohio operations and created an Engine Re-manufacturing Center. This facility includes state-of the-art engine cleaning, machining, assembly and testing equipment. While the remanufacturing center originally focused on rebuilding the Hercules Engine product line it has now expanded its operations to other engine products including   Perkins, Deutz, Industrial G.M. and MWM Engines and Power Units.  Its remanufacturing operations services just about all engines from the one cylinder Briggs and Stratton to the large Detroit Diesel or Waukasha engines.

In January, 2005 Hercules became a Master Service Dealer for Perkins Engines.  In that capacity it covers the entire state of Ohio utilizing 19 Ohio Perkins Dealers. It is also an Authorized Perkins Re-manufacturing Center, one of the largest in the Midwest.

In August, 2005 Jack Dienes and Bruce Weick purchased all the shares of stock from the FinCom Corporation and now maintain 100% ownership.

In early 2006 Hercules broadened its remanufacturing operations to include complete vehicles.  It is focused in the airline ground support industry specializing in baggage tow tractors as well as belt loaders.  This operation is currently housed in a 10,000 Sq. Ft facility in the Massillon, Ohio area.