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Remanufactured Engines

When is buying a remanufactured engine your best option?

If the price of new engines is prohibitive or if your engine is no longer in production, then a remanufactured engine is a great choice. We at Hercules strive to supply a high quality product that will provide you and your customers with many years of reliable power for your equipment.

inventoryWe commonly stock remanufactured Perkins, Cummins, Detroit Diesel engines and others. Call us to check on your model. We are an Authorized Perkins Remanufacturing Center so you can be sure our remanufactured Perkins engines meet all of Perkins original specifications.

And if you have an obsolete engine with hard to find parts but just aren't sure which engine might fit in your application, contact our engineering services group. Retrofitting one of our reliable remanufactured engines to your application is their specialty.

Click for brochure on remanufactured engines.